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January | Recently Completed Work


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January | Recently Completed Work

Lauren Graham


It's been busy here at Table Curtains with our bustling fabric store floor and our curtaining and upholstery work rooms turning out some wonderful completed jobs for our clients. We are so proud of the work we do, we thought we'd share some pictures of some recently completed projects. Take a look:


1. The One & Only Spa

The One&Only Spa in Cape Town is a place where people come to unwind and have a break. Our curtain makeup and installation team designed this sheer curtaining solution for the spa area to keep a light, airy feeling in the space, whilst adding privacy. Some upholstery work and accessories for the spa beds completed the look:


2. Updated Antique Chair & Complimentary Wing Back Chairs

We couldn't be prouder of this completed job. This antique couch got a modern day makeover that brought it right into 2017 with a rich blue velvet upholstery job. To compliment the new couch, we recovered two wingback chairs in a striped upholstery to complete the look:


3. An Austrian Affair

We were fortunate enough to work with our long-standing Austrian clients on an international job. We helped in fabric selection, curtain makeup and a few soft furnishing items and shipped it off to Austria to become part of their dream home.  Take a virtual tour of this magnificent home in the video below:


At Table Bay Curtains we offer a wide variety of upholstery, curtaining and soft furnishing services. Our Cape Town based store stocks a wide variety of high-quality fabrics for you to choose from.